Marian Vajda: This is an absolutely special victory

Marian Vajda spoke with the SportKlub after Novak defeated Roger Federer in an epic finale to clinch his fifth Wimbledon title.

Credit: AELTC/Simon Bruty

“This is an absolutely special victory”

“This is an absolutely special victory, it was an epic finale. I can say that no one wanted to lose, two big champions against each other, and this match was a consequence. In the end, Novak pulled the match even though he faced two match points.”

“Novak was mentally strong in the most important points”

“Uh, he hit the rhythms on the match points, once Roger missed the forehand, and the other you saw, the passing shot. It only shows how much Novak was mentally strong in the most important points.”

‘One of the best finals’

“From an emotional point, of course. One of the best finals, it’s never been that uncertain. I mean, 12-12 in the fifth, that was the first time in the tournament that happened in the finals. I was surprised that Novak got all three tiebreaks – with Roger and his service and an aggressive game, that’s incredible.”

“Novak can reach 20 slams”

“Absolutely (Novak can reach 20 slams), now the difference is much smaller. It’s easy to say, but hard to achieve. Still, 16 looks better. Novak has put this challenge to himself, and when he plays well, he can think about US open again… He remains ready, physically very good, mentally also. US Open is a different tournament, the surface is physically more demanding, it is a long journey, but hopefully”

(This interview is translated via GoogleTranslate. You can read original interview in Serbian below)

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